We encourage all married couples to be intentional about spending quality time together!
Here’s how it works:  Between October 8th and January 8th, submit a minimum of FIVE selfies of you and your spouse on FIVE DIFFERENT dates.
Once you complete the challenge, you will be entered into a drawing for a free dinner and overnight stay here in Sioux Falls!

Only you and your spouse
No calls, texts, or emails
No shop talk (finances, schedules, kids, work)
One hour minimum
At least three dates must be outside the home
No movies, sporting events, concerts (situations preventing one-on-one communication)

What do you appreciate about each other?
What does your spouse do really well?
How are you both doing, really?
What are your dreams in life?
In what ways can you serve each other better?
What is a favorite memory since you’ve been married?

Please submit selfies as you complete each date so we can share them throughout the challenge!