Biblical Studies

A Certificate in Biblical Studies from Celebrate Education serves as a demonstration of your commitment to deepening your relationship with God through growing in His Word. 


Old Testament

The Bible is a beautiful love story of God’s desire to be in relationship with His people! Throughout this class, we will begin to uncover the characteristics of God throughout the metanarrative of the Old Testament and discovering how we can see Jesus throughout the entire Old Testament. We will see how simple the Biblical narrative really is when we understand the foundation of all of it is a God who loves us every minute of our lives.

New Testament

In this class, we will continue to see the beauty of the Biblical narrative through the life of Jesus Christ. The New Testament is filled with practical applications of how we can live a life that helps others Meet Jesus. We will spend time understanding the context around the historical settings that shaped the world that Jesus lived in and really seek to understand the truths that Jesus demonstrated to us during His time on this earth.

Christian Formation

Once we establish a firm understanding of how we have formed our beliefs, we can begin to explore the ways in which we live out our beliefs in the world around us. God created each of us perfectly unique AND we are also created to be in community with others. This class will explore how those two statements can live in harmony in the world. Through readings, teachings, and plenty of in-class discussions, we will see God begin to open our eyes to the beauty of each person’s Kingdom purpose on this earth.

Theology for the Church

In these diverse classrooms, we are able to get a glimpse of how God created us all with a unique purpose and perspective on this side of Heaven. We will continue to look at how our individual experiences, tradition and reason shape the way we live out our faith - but ultimately come back to Scripture to listen to what God's Truth says about how we should Be Jesus!

Paul’s Letters and the Church Today

What does it mean to “be the church”? In this class, we take a deep dive into the 13 letters that Paul wrote during his missionary journeys and how they have become a model for the church today.

C E L E B R A T E  E D U C A T I O N

Two Learning Options

There are two options available for our Certificate in Biblical Studies program – credit or enrichment.

The credit option is ideal for those who have a desire to immerse themselves in learning and growing in God’s Word. Through readings, videos, group discussions, and writing you will grow your relationship with Christ while earning college credit that can be used towards a degree or ministerial licensing & ordination.

Our enrichment option is best suited for those individuals who are not interested in earning college or denominational credit, but desire to learn and grow consistently with a community of Christ followers.

Each class offered for enrichment will apply towards an Enrichment Certificate in Biblical Studies.


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