We are committed to helping you establish a strong foundation as you are just beginning married life together or have been married for awhile.

Friday, December 16th

An evening of discussion about intimacy and how God intended this wonderful gift to be used.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Enjoy a special night with your sweetheart, with a Valentine’s Day theme. More details to come.

Weekly Marriage Boost

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Date Night Challenge

We encourage all married couples to be intentional about spending quality time together. Be involved and be entered into a special reward for you and your spouse.

The challenge: FIVE dates between October 8th and January 8th.
The reward: you will be entered into a drawing for a free dinner and overnight stay here in Sioux Falls...AND, more importantly...building up your spouse and your marriage!

CARE GROUPS can truly transform your marriage.  Whether you need help with your finances, are facing the pain of losing a loved one, need help battling addictions, or something else, we have groups of people who will walk with you!

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There are many resources to help you on your marriage journey - from Scriptures and books to messages and podcasts.